Tomas Laurinavicius: Lifestyle Designer

Originally from Lithuania, Tomas is a lifestyle blogger, content marketing consultant and entrepreneur. The more we talked with each other, the more I realised how both he and I have had similar journeys and think in similar ways.

In our conversation, Tomas and I talk openly about a variety of subjects around personal development. And we touch on areas with what we’re struggling with, topics like impatience and knowing when to pause.


Tomas Laurinavicius Website

Time Stamps

0:03:42Article: Alternatives to College That Will Change Your LifeDo many things. It will teach you great things in life and will help you find your inner voice and life calling
0:04:32Moving to Denmark and realising that further education wasn’t for him
0:07:57Quitting social media and never looking back
0:11:12Thoughts on podcasting and its benefits
0:16:12Struggling with impatience and how to overcome it
0:22:42Struggling with downtime & how time is finite
0:33:27Managing partners that are different from each other
0:39:47Learning languages
0:44:12Learning new skills & the importance of focusing on one
0:47:12The importance of reading books, but being okay with not finishing it
0:55:12Managing sleep
1:03:12One profound thing I’ve learned so far