#7 Stickk: The power of loss aversion

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In today’s podcast I managed to talk with the guys behind Stickk. If you’re the type of person or know someone that struggles with sticking to their commitments, then Stickk is the tool for you.

It’s a free tool that utilises the power of loss aversion to help you stay committed to your goals.

I myself have been a user of Stickk and have experienced its benefits, it actually helped me learn another language, and it’s currently helping millions of users to achieve their own goals. From weight loss to quitting smoking, there are thousands of success stories that utilised Stickk’s powerful psychological techniques.

Both Jerry Brown and Pablo Spinola joined the podcast today, both currently work for Stickk and have used the platform in their personal lives. We go in-depth about the power of loss aversion, adding additional social elements to your commitments as well as a few success stories that changed the lives of many users.

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Time Stamps

0:01:56How Jerry got involved with Stickk
0:05:21How Pablo got involved with Stickk
0:06:51What is Stickk?
0:08:31The power of an anti-charity
0:14:51The power of loss aversion
0:17:51A success story: Aaron Day Founder of Fat For Weight Loss
0:21:51Different examples of commitment contracts
0:27:57How a commitment contract works
0:32:01The social element of adding referrals and friends
0:36:11Commitment contracts that were unsuccessfu
l0:40:51Advice on putting money on the line
0:43:31How to get involved with Stickk
0:44:21How Jerrry & Pablo are currently using Stickk in their personal lives