#8 Laura Earnest: Deliberate Living

Laura Earnest smiling

In today’s podcast, I got to talk with productivity guru Laura Earnest. Having blogged on the topic of productivity for nearly 10 years we talk about what attracted Laura to being productive, dealing with burnout and her new direction towards living a deliberate life.

I had a great time talking with Laura and it was nice to see someone who knows so much about productivity, is secure enough to say that she still messes up with living a productive life.

We all fail and it’s important to understand and accept that, that’s one of the many things that I learned with my conversations with Laura.

I hope you too learn a few things about yourself as you listen to today’s podcast.

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Show Notes

0:01:31How Laura got started with blogging about productivity
0:01:31How Laura got started with blogging about productivity
0:02:46A programmer’s mind and not doing the same thing twice
0:03:51Day timers & printing planners
0:05:04Burnout and living a deliberate life
0:06:51The difficulty with living a deliberate life
0:08:06Going through a mid-life crisis
0:12:15How to deal with burnout
0:14:11The importance of relaxation time
0:19:06The foundations for deliberate living
0:21:16How to deal with distractions and following through with your intentions
0:22:16The importance of an accountability partner
0:24:46How to deal with being self-destructive
0:26:36How failure has value
0:28:56Laura’s 30-day challenges
0:31:06The importance of blocking software
0:34:21New fulfilling habits
0:36:41Remember The Milk
0:39:36Productivity tips
0:41:56Where to find Laura