Every Day Carry: Skill Learning Edition

Every Day Carry

I use a myriad of tools to help me learn, but it varies depending on what skill I’m practising. However, I noticed that there are a handful of tools and apps that I use every day to help me learn. Day in and day out. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to excel in any new skill that I tackle. Here’s my every day carry list, more specifically for learning new skills.

Two things to note, you may notice that I don’t have a lot of physical items on the list. I prefer to be as streamlined as possible, I don’t like anything weighing me down. Secondly, this is an on-going list. I love to learn new skills and experiment with different tools and apps. I’m always searching for the right tool to refine my systems.

Any new finds will be added to the list, but it has to be used every day in order to make the list. If you want to be notified of any new additions, you can subscribe to the newsletter and stay-up-date.

The Computer & Apps I use Every Day

Here’s an on-going list of the apps that use every day in order for me to learn a new skill:

Dell XPS 15 9560

I’m still using an old Dell XPS 15 9560. From learning a new language to learning a new instrument, I’ve used this laptop every day to help me research the best learning methods.

Every Day Carry XPS


A great time tracking tool that I use to track my learning time. I review this every week to hold myself accountable. It also includes a Pomodoro timer that notifies me when to take a break.

Every Day Carry - Toggl


If used correctly you can learn a lot on this platform. At the same time, you can waste countless hours. I’ve installed plugins to stop me from getting distracted.

Every Day Carry YouTube

Video Speed Controller

A browser plugin that speeds up any video on your browser.

Every Day Carry Video Speed Controller

DF YouTube (Distraction Free)

A browser plugin that stops you from being distracted by YouTube’s recommended videos. This helps me to stay focused when I’m learning on YouTube.

Every Day Carry DF


A browser plugin that prevents you from accessing certain websites. This has helped me stay focused and not rely on my own willpower.

Every Day Carry Leechblock


A powerful flashcard software that incorporates spaced repetition systems. After learning Swedish, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t forget it. I would often refer to my own Anki flashcards on a daily basis.

Every Day Carry Anki

The Phone & Apps I use Every Day

Here’s an on-going list of the phone and apps I use every day in order for me to learn a new skill:

Samsung Galaxy s7

Who doesn’t carry their phone on them every day? I’m still rocking an old Samsung Galaxy S7 and I have no need to upgrade it. It has been helping me with my learning journey and it hasn’t failed me yet.

Every Day Carry S7


My podcast app of choice. I listen to a podcast almost on a daily basis and have learned loads from it. You can also listen to my podcast on it; the Lifelong Learning Podcast.


An app that blocks you from accessing certain websites and apps. It has saved me from getting distracted countless of times.


A habit tracking app that I use to keep myself accountable with my learning times.

Kiss Launcher

A launcher for Android. It keeps my screen clean and allows me to be present when searching for an app.

The Ebook I use Every Day

Kindle Paperwhite 4

I always have a Kindle Paperwhite 4 close by. Whenever there’s any dead time, or if I’m studying from a specific book, I prefer to read from this device.

Stay Up-To-Date

As you can see my every day carry list is streamlined. I don’t want to rely on too many items and find myself getting distracted.

I’m constantly experimenting and if I find a tool or an app that is useful, I’ll be sure to add it to the on-going list. To stay-up-date make sure you subscribe to the newsletter for new updates.