#4 Dimitris Gkiokas: The Meta Learners

Dimitris Gkiokas

On top of being the founder of The Meta Learners, Dimitris is also the founder of one of the most successful Greek podcast on self-improvement, The Brain Hacking Academy and is a core member of Jonathan Levi’s SuperHuman Academy leadership team.

In today’s episode, Dimitris and I go deep into different learning techniques, mental models and how procrastination almost took a hold of his life. We talk about his past, his addiction to video games and how he managed to break free from it. For someone who “wasted his life away”, it’s amazing to see how he turned it around and managed to achieve so much.

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Show Notes

2:31:00How Dimitris was addicted to video games
5:16:00Dimitris turning point
7:32:00What Dimitris does by trade
8:35:00What is meta learning?
11:35:00What are mental models?
15:02:00Is it okay to move onto another skill?
16:12:00Dimitris experience with procrastination and how he got over it
18:12:00The systems that Dimitris put in place
21:52:00Forcing functions and its benefits
23:32:00How Dimitris removes himself from distractions
25:50:00Decision & Willpower fatigue
28:01:00What Dimitris is committed to right now
29:50:00Dimitris procrastination course
30:22:00The Brain Hacking Podcast