#11 Prakhar: Design Epic Life

Prakhar Verma from Design Epic Life

Everybody has a story, everybody has something they can teach. If you listen long enough there’s always an opportunity to learn something new. This is why I created the lifelong learning podcast, to invite people that inspire me and listen to their story. Hopefully, learning something along the way.

Today, I got the opportunity to sit down with Prakhar from DesignEpicLife.com and talk to him about his journey so far.

Prakhar is a certified life coach and is helping his readers design and live an epic life. After going through a stressful time during his teenage years, he decided that enough is enough and to simply follow his bliss.

Ever since then, he has been living a deliberate life that is full of joy and happiness, and you can tell it if from listening to his voice. Although Prakhar is young, he’s full of wisdom and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to self-development and self-mastery.

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Topics Discussed

  • The benefits & difficulties with learning another language
  • Prakhar’s dark and stressful teen years
  • Following your bliss
  • Studying game design but not wanting to do it as a career
  • Following your passion vs following your bliss
  • Owning the decisions you make
  • The epic life framework
  • Mastering the self
  • Being a life coach

Books Mentioned

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