Skills I’ve Learned

How To Start A Blog

how to start a blog

Why Did I Want To Learn This Skill? Before learning anything new, it’s important to ask yourself, “why do I want to do this?” With any skill that you learn – especially with starting a blog – it can get frustrating. Knowing your “why” and referring back to it constantly will motivate you to push …

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How To Learn To Draw

how to learn to draw

Why Did I Want To Learn This Skill? I’ve always been exposed to creativity, but it was of a different kind. Studying graphic design at University, I designed infographics, posters, and flyers. I hardly ever drew and a lot of my work consisted of handling text and images on the computer. Rarely did I put …

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How To Type Faster

how to type faster

You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be! Albus Dumbledore Before we begin, I have something I would like to share with you that I am ashamed to say. As I write this article I am in my late 20’s, it is only now that …

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How to Improve Your Memory


When I first approached learning a new language, I came across some great advice to speed up the process; learn the 1000 most common words used in that language. It won’t make you fluent, but it’ll definitely help you get by. Similar to the 80/20 rule, you’ll find in life that we only use 20% …

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How I Learned Swedish in 3 Months

learn swedish

Before I begin outlining how I managed to drastically improve my comprehension with the Swedish language in a short amount of time, let me explain why I wanted to put myself through all of those long arduous hours. You see, there’s a girl involved. Don’t all great stories start like that? My girlfriend was born …

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