#10 Rachael: Booklist Queen

Rachael the Booklist Queen

In today’s podcast I got the chance to sit down with Rachael also known as the Booklist Queen. She’s a professional book reviewer that can read up to 20 books a month.

Her blog is dedicated to everything about books. If you’re looking for recommendations you can check out her book reviews, if you’re looking for inspiration you can try out one of her reading challenges. Basically, if you’re a reader or want to get into reading, you should check out her blog.

From preferred reading formats to how Rachael makes time to read 200 books a year, we cover a number of different topics around reading. If you’re looking to increase your monthly book count, going through a reading slump or just want to start reading, this podcast is for you.

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Show Notes

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Topics Discussed

  • How Rachael makes time to read an average of 200 books a year
  • Reading books in different formats and her preferred choice
  • What makes a well-written book
  • The Reading Challenges that Rachael set out
  • The Monthly Booklist
  • Rachael’s favorite book: 1984
  • Thoughts on the book “Make Time
  • When to pick and choose advice from personal development book
  • How Rachael reads fast and comprehends book
  • When Rachael quits a book
  • Advice when you’re going through a reading slump
  • Distractions throughout the day
  • Interests in writing her own book

Tools Mentioned

Books Mentioned

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