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Documenting Every New Skill I Learn

Hey Reader!

My name is Joshua Galinato and I’ve created a little place on the internet where I learn and document new skills in my own special way i.e. the Gali-way.

After learning a new language to surprise my multilingual girlfriend (see video below), I realised how enjoyable and rewarding it was to learn a new skill. Now I want to learn as many skills as possible and inspire new lifelong learners along the way.

Join me on my journey and maybe you too can learn something new.


Are you curious with what I’m up to right now? Check out my /now page and see what I’m currently learning, where I am and the books that I’m reading.

Skills I’ve Learned So Far…

From learning a new language to learning how to draw, check out all the different skills I’ve documented along the way.

Maybe you can learn something new too.

drawing of a pen

Lifelong Learning Podcast

Everybody has a story, everybody has something they can teach. If you listen long enough there’s always an opportunity to learn something new.

I invite people that inspire me to the podcast and get an opportunity to learn from them.

Learn How To Learn

I share and breakdown my experience with how I approach every new skill.

Have a read and hopefully you’ll be able to learn a new skill as well.

drawing of a brain

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